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ppl questions.com, developed to help practise over 4,000 ppl questions across all 9 subjects for you through your ppl theory. Lovingly developed by students for students giving you all the questions you need to help you pass your exams.

Our system is regularly updated in real time, following student feedback after their exams. New ppl questions are constantly added to our question bank to help you practise. So rest assured we keep up to date to save you the worry

Search for questions you need to focus on, take practise questions based on whats coming in exams, or focus on the questions you are getting wrong the most, its entirely up to you.

Our goal is to become the most trusted, effective and cutting edge ppl question training tool online.

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ppl Questions

Up to date ppl questions provided by students. Every effort is made to give you the most up to date questions.

Real ppl Questions

The newest ppl questions are added daily , and old questions removed, aiming to provide you an accurate ppl question bank.


Take exams based on the most recently identifed exam questions.

Last 200

The Last 200 is a filter we have perfected over the years , other sites may offer this but we are the true inventors of it, accept no imitiaiton.


Explanations available to the majority of our datbase to assist you in understanding the question at hand.

Quadrant questions

We offer the new questions styles , including Type in and the tickbox style questions.


View progress with our statisics and reports in one view, identify easily how many questions are left to see in the database.


Target weak areas using our personalised filters.


Read how other students interpret and understand explanations to the questions, and offer your invaluable advice and opinions to help others.

"To be the most trusted and relevant bank for your ppl studies"

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Client Review

decent QB, copy and paste of ATPLQ, but I have to admit that price is friendlier when you compare it to other QB.

Marcin Krause

Excellent question bank and a real benefit to anyone taking the CAA exams. I achieved 100% on HP due to the practice questions on ATPLGS. Well worth the money.


Everything is good , iOS app still need some improvements as it is still kind off buggy .But not unusable . Still need to work on adding more explanation , if possible on ALL questions to help cadets on studying.


Very accurate representation of questions for AGK, and Instruments. Last 200 and timed practice exams were always a good feature to use in build up to exams.


Great for Austro, 5 star question bank, only needed this one and got me through first part of my exams easily enough, few more left!


Brilliant interface, and I love how customisable the exams are... Only criticism is a couple of awnsers aren't always clear or correctly updated


The content very current and relevant, especially those questions categorised under “Recently Seen.” However, on multiple occasions the same question has appeared under the same topic which does not aid a deeper understanding of the subject.


I like ATPLGS but they do need to clean up some of the question formatting. It would also be nice to get feedback when you do make suggested changes, corrections and improvements.

Richard Johnson

atplGS is amazing. I sat UK CAA exams between April 2019 and June 2020 and it worked a treat. It was one of the more accurate banks and the comments section is good.

Matthew Ross

Really helpful for exams - not all the answers have explanations, however.

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